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1 410 800 Analyzed Apps

  • Applications generating threats: 43.4%
  • Distribution of the detected threats:

Did You Know?

Twitter 5.1.0

The app sends phone information (Service provider name, Country code for the SIM provider) over the network

Security Audit

  • Get the full behavior audit of a mobile app
    Connections established – Data handling – Calls made – Etc.
  • Approve/Disapprove the development of a mobile app
    Identify the behavior of your app or an app developed by your service provider in order to validate its developement before provide it to your users.
  • Cut down on your mobile app's analysis costs!
  • For the analysis no source code is needed

Security Mark

  • Get the security mark to vouch for the quality of your mobile apps
    The security mark is a guarantee of quality: your clients and collaborators can be assured that your mobile apps or your app store have been tested by an independent security analysis tool.
  • Improve your reputation and become more competitive
  • Prove that your mobile apps:
    - Respect Users' Privacy (theft of personal and professional information, geo-location, ...)
    - Can not generate Financial Losses (premium-rate calls, SMS / MMS)
    - Are not a Threat to Mobile Devices' security (viruses, rootkits)
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